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Network AI Unlimited Review. 7 Pros and Cons.

Network AI: A Powerful Yet Unconventional News-Driven EA

Network AI stands out from the crowd by leveraging the power of artificial intelligence and neural networks to analyze real-time macroeconomic news releases and translate them into actionable trading decisions. However, its reliance on live news data comes with a trade-off: the inability to run backtests in the traditional sense.


Network AI reviews 1024x460 1 Network AI Unlimited Review. 7 Pros and Cons.


  • Unique AI-powered news analysis: Network AI goes beyond technical indicators, tapping into the sentiment and impact of economic news for informed trading.
  • Multiple built-in strategies: Choose from stochastics, RSI, moving averages, or user-controlled order management with averaging to suit your trading style.
  • Dynamic order control: Fine-tune your approach with features like open series triggers, start lot size, buy/sell allowances, hedging, money management, trailing stops, and drawdown reduction algorithms.
  • Live news integration: Stay ahead of the curve by directly accessing news from designated websites, eliminating the need for manual market monitoring.


  • No backtesting: The reliance on live news data prevents traditional backtesting, making it difficult to assess historical performance objectively.
  • Steep learning curve: The abundance of features and settings might overwhelm beginner traders.
  • Limited support: Information about the developer and ongoing support seems scarce.

Network AI in Action

Network AI Network AI Unlimited Review. 7 Pros and Cons.


Network AI, developed by Vasiliy Strukov, is a premium Forex trading tool that stands out with its unique AI-powered news analysis capabilities. While the inability to backtest requires caution, its fundamental approach to market movements holds significant promise. For beginner automated traders, we recommend starting with a demo account and exploring free alternatives before committing real capital.

It is a promising yet unconventional entry into the realm of Forex EAs. If you’re comfortable with news-driven trading and willing to dedicate time to learning the ropes, Network AI could be a powerful tool in your arsenal.

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