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FTMO ROBOT V5 Source Code MT4 & MT5 Unlimited

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Cracking the Funded Account Challenge (FAC) can feel like navigating a treacherous mountain pass. But what if you had a robotic sherpa to guide you every step of the way? Enter FTMO ROBOT V5, your automated trading companion designed to dominate the FAC and propel you to trading mastery.

The package includes:
+ Expert: FTMO Trading EA Robot Source Code for MT4 and MT5 (8 Experts in each)
+ Presets

+ https://www.myfxbook.com/members/PetkoA/ftmo-robot-top-1-scale/10494226
+ https://www.myfxbook.com/members/PetkoA/ftmo-robot-top-3-25k/10493707

Your purchase is protected by our 7-day refund policy if you experience problems attaching this to your charts.

Unleash Your Trading Potential with FTMO ROBOT V5: Precision Automation Meets Proven Profits




Yearning to break free from trading limitations and unlock consistent profitability? Enter FTMO ROBOT V5, your comprehensive automated trading solution designed to propel you towards success. This powerhouse tool, meticulously crafted by experienced traders, combines cutting-edge technology with a proven track record of performance, empowering you to dominate the forex market like never before.

FTMO ROBOT V5: A Symphony of Trading Advantages:

  • AI-Powered Precision: Harness the power of advanced artificial intelligence algorithms that meticulously analyze market data, identify high-probability trading opportunities, and execute trades with unwavering accuracy.
  • Proven Profitability: Backed by a rigorous track record of consistent profitability, FTMO ROBOT V5 delivers real results, not empty promises. Experience the confidence of trading alongside a champion.
  • Dynamic Strategy Library: Choose from a diverse arsenal of pre-programmed trading strategies, crafted to adapt to various market conditions and capitalize on multiple opportunities. No matter your trading style, FTMO ROBOT V5 has you covered.
  • Unmatched Risk Management: Trade with absolute peace of mind, knowing that FTMO ROBOT V5 prioritizes risk management with built-in stop-loss orders, position sizing algorithms, and drawdown control tools.




Key Features

  1. Equity Protection: Ensures minimal loss on your account.
  2. 5 Entry Conditions: Optimized for best trade entries.
  3. Spread Protection: Guards against market volatility.
  4. Low-Risk Settings: Customize for any account size.


Transform Your Trading Experience

  • Fast Challenge Completion: Complete FTMO challenges efficiently.
  • Set Files Included: Tailored for different account sizes.
  • Minimal Loss Guarantee: Less than 1% loss on hitting Stop Loss.


Success Stories – October 2023 Challenges

  • First $25k Challenge: Achieved 10% profit in 2 weeks with 24 trades.
  • Second $25k Challenge: Reached 8% profit in 2 weeks, trading 49 times.


Strategy and Usage

  • Selective Trading: Test on demo accounts to find the most profitable asset.
  • Performance Tracking: Connect with MyFxBook or FXBlue.
  • Flexible Trading Options: Trade 1 or multiple assets based on performance.


Robot Insights

  • Strategy: Trades based on Envelopes, DeMarker, MACD, and RSI indicators.
  • Designed by Petko Aleksandrov: Expertly crafted using EA Studio.
  • Forward Testing Focus: Reliable and current performance data.


Advanced Features

  • 8 Diverse Robots: Trade on 7 currency pairs and Gold.
  • Customizable: Select the best robot based on current performance.


Additional Information

  • FTMO Compatibility: Ideal for FTMO and other Prop Firms.
  • Regular Updates: Monthly updates to stay ahead in trading.


FTMO ROBOT V5 is more than just an EA; it’s your passport to a world of trading freedom and success. Don’t just trade, automate your path to profitability with this revolutionary tool. Embrace the future of trading and watch your forex journey reach its full potential with FTMO ROBOT V5.


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Refund Policy:

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Review Your Forex EA On A Demo Account:

• This product does not guarantee profits and requires resilience, patience, and a positive mindset in forex trading.

• Prior to usage, it is advised to test the EA on a demo account and conduct your own backtests using high quality tick data.

• Profits cannot be guaranteed in the forex market, and achieving success depends on effective risk management, emotional control, and maintaining a steadfast attitude.

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