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Gecko EA MT4 Unlimited with Presets


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Gecko EA signifies a pivotal shift in the landscape of forex trading, heralding a new era in the field. More than merely an Expert Advisor, it embodies a groundbreaking paradigm by seamlessly intertwining simplicity and sophisticated trading strategies, offering traders an unparalleled advantage in the market.

The Package Includes:

– Expert: Gecko EA (.ex4)

– Presets

Gecko EA Live Results:


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Gecko EA signifies a pivotal shift in the landscape of forex trading, heralding a new era in the field.


Gecko EA Signal
Gecko EA Signal


Gecko EA’s Distinctive Attributes:

Ensuring Security:
– Implements a Stoploss to secure each trade.
– Remains resilient regardless of spread or slippage impact.
– Employs intelligent risk management, avoiding high-risk tactics like grid or martingale strategies.
– Boasts a high success rate, with over 80% of trades yielding profits.
– Subjected to rigorous stress-testing using 99.90% tickdata and variable spread and slippage simulation.


Gecko EA Medium Risk
Gecko EA Medium Risk
Gecko EA High Risk
Gecko EA High Risk

Unique Breakout Strategy:

Gecko EA excels in identifying recent significant highs and lows to execute breakout trades. Its success isn’t solely rooted in its strategy but also in the execution:
– Utilizes advanced entry calculations.
– Deploys sophisticated exit algorithms.


Effective Trade Management:

– Incorporates a Trailing Stop-Loss (SL) with multiple customizable parameters for better control.
– Offers a “Move to Break-even” option to add extra pips for additional safety.
– Implements Duration-Based Trailing SL to efficiently limit exposure.


Prudent Risk Management:

– Allows traders to set specific risks per trade, emphasizing caution and security.
– Sidesteps scalping and other high-risk techniques.
– Adheres strictly to a Stoploss protocol for enhanced safety.


Currency and Timeframe Recommendations:

– Primarily optimized for EURUSD due to its breakout strategy efficiency.
– Demonstrates effectiveness across multiple pairs without requiring extensive optimization.
– Recommended for use on the H1 timeframe.


Minimum Requirements and Recommendations:

– Minimum account balance of $100 for optimal performance.
– Default settings specifically designed for EURUSD H1 trading.
– Additional presets available for GBPUSD, USDJPY, and AUDUSD.


Parameter Settings:

– Provides customizable settings like Magicnumber, Trade_comment, and more.
– Lotsize settings can be adjusted based on balance or risk per trade.
– Allows adjustment of the Maximum allowed spread.
– Offers various entry parameters and models for user preference.


Trader Reminders:

Forex trading inherently involves risks, and approaching this EA with a strategy is imperative:
– Advises testing on demo accounts or starting with low lot sizes initially.
– Gradually increasing risk in line with comfort and success rates is recommended.
– Emphasizes the constant awareness of the potential risk of loss in trading.


Live Results:

Signal 1


Gecko EA serves as a dependable, efficient, and sophisticated tool for traders aspiring to achieve consistent success in the forex market. Its intuitive interface, stringent safety measures, and proven strategy make it indispensable for serious traders. Remember, choosing the right tool can significantly impact your trading journey.

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