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SMC NEW EA MT5 – Unrestricted


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SMC NEW EA stands out as a cutting-edge forex robot and indicator package, specifically engineered to conquer prop firm challenges and thrive in live account trading.

The package includes:
+ Expert: SMC NEW EA (.ex5) – Version 1.1
+ Indicators

+ https://t.me/cashcartelea


Note (Important):
This product utilizes a custom DLL named “msimg32.dll” and an MT5 terminal build 4000, which you must use, both are included.
Some antivirus software may block it and flag it as a virus. You’ll need to configure your antivirus settings to “allow it.”
This is a false alarm and the product is SAFE. The false alarm occurs due to this being a custom DLL not verified by a publisher, but unlocking this product is necessary.

If you do not wish to use the custom DLL or the supplied MT5 terminal.exe, please do not purchase.

Download your product instantly after payment.

Your purchase is protected by our 7-day refund policy if you experience problems attaching this to your charts.

SMC NEW EA, Smart Money Concepts (SMC) trading is a price action approach with a twist. It focuses on identifying the actions of “smart money” – big institutions and market makers – to inform your trading decisions. But does it live up to the hype? Let’s dive in.




  • Distinct Perspective: SMC renames classic concepts like support and resistance with terms like “order blocks” and “fair value gaps,” offering a fresh perspective on market dynamics.
  • Emphasis on Market Structure: SMC stresses understanding the underlying structure of the market, going beyond simple trend lines and indicators.
  • Focus on Order Flow: Analyzing how orders are placed and taken into the market is a valuable skill, and SMC emphasizes its importance.
  • Active Community: A large online community supports SMC traders, offering mentorship and knowledge sharing.


  • Steep Learning Curve: SMC terminology and concepts can be complex and overwhelming for beginners.
  • Over-Complication: Sometimes, SMC analysis can bog down in excessive detail, obscuring the bigger picture.
  • Subjective Interpretation: Identifying “smart money” behavior isn’t always clear-cut, leading to potential confirmation bias and overfitting.
  • Focus on Institutions: SMC primarily targets institutional behavior, which might not always be relevant for retail traders with smaller capital.


Overall Conclusion for SMC NEW EA:

SMC NEW EA offers valuable insights into market structure and order flow, but it’s not a magic bullet. Its complexity and subjective nature make it more suited for experienced traders who can critically analyze and adapt its principles. Beginners might find it overwhelming and benefit from simpler price action frameworks first.


If you’re an experienced trader seeking a fresh perspective and willing to invest significant time in learning, SMC NEW EA can be a valuable addition to your toolbox. However, for beginners, simpler price action techniques might be a more accessible and effective starting point.

Final Note:

Remember, no trading strategy guarantees success. Consistent profitability requires proper risk management, discipline, and a deep understanding of the market, regardless of the chosen approach. Choose a method that aligns with your learning style and personality, and always practice proper risk management.

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