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Download all of our products for free and receive mentoring to ensure you become a consistently profitable trader in our members-only group. Consider this an investment in yourself.

Become a Profitable Trader

We'll help you build a passive income in the volatile and unpredictable forex market with VIP Membership.

We will:

With over 25 years of combined experience trading in the currency markets, we understand how challenging it is to make money without blowing up your account. 
Join our elite VIP members group and change the way you view FX markets.
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If you're expecting to consistently earn 1% or more per day trading the forex markets, you need a reality check.

We can help you build a realistic, low-risk passive income.

Run 24/7 With a VPS

We can help you set up and configure a remote Virtual Private Server, eliminating the need to leave your home computer running.

Avoid downtime in your trading by installing your MT4/5 terminals on a Windows VPS.

We provide support for all VPS and Expert Advisor-related questions in our VIP group.


Windows VPS with MT4 and EA running for 24/7 continuous trading.


Do you have questions about an expert advisor?

Struggling to configure the best presets?

Need help to pass a prop challenge?

• Let us assist you, leveraging our 25+ years of experience in the foreign exchange markets.

• We have the capability to thoroughly test and optimize expert advisors, even determining whether or not an expert is cheating the backtest.

backtest reports

Avoid Scam Software

scam backtest1

The backtest above looks great, doesn't it?

You'd probably think this EA is worth purchasing. It retails for $1,500 USD!

However, we were able to detect that it was all fake, using dates hardcoded into the history when major trends changed in the currency pair.

These are the kind of issues we can investigate for you with VIP membership.

Unlimited Downloads


Plus 500+ more products...

Thousands of dollars of content, for a one-off fee.

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For disciplined traders who want to become consistently profitable.

Includes unlimited access to all of our latest expert advisors with mentoring to make you profitable, in our private group.
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Per Month
Payable yearly at $1349.99
  • Unlimited Downloads of 500+ Including Future Products
  • Find Out Which Expert Advisors Are Making Us Real Money
  • Download EAs Before They’re Sold in our Store
  • Source Codes for Expert Advisors if Available
  • Members Only VIP Telegram Group Access
  • 99.9% Quality Tick Data Backtests on Request
  • Assistance Setting up a VPS to trade 24/5
  • Assistance Setting up Expert Advisors
  • Discuss Trading with Profitable Forex Traders

Due to the high value and large amount of premium downloadable content available with VIP membership, we can only accept payment with cryptocurrency.

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Contact us on Telegram to discuss VIP Membership.

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