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A Review of King Robot for MT4

The King Robot, an expert advisor compatible with the MetaTrader 4 platform, is another addition from the LeapFX team, known for providing a wide array of automated trading systems catering to retail traders. These forex robots serve as popular choices for traders seeking alternatives due to a lack of expertise or time to manually engage in forex market activities. Nevertheless, it’s crucial to note that trading, by its nature, involves uncertainties, and favorable outcomes aren’t guaranteed in the forex arena. In this King Robot Review, we’ll delve deeper into its functionality and assess recent trade results.

King Robot Trading Strategy

The King Robot implements a scalping strategy, aiming to capture small profits from market movements. When executed consistently and accurately, scalping can potentially compound gains in a forex account over time. However, successful scalping demands ideal market conditions and a broker offering tight spreads and swift execution speeds, such as IC Markets, as a prime example. They stand out as one of the top forex brokers for automated trading systems like the King Robot.

King Robot Features

The King Robot strategy abstains from using potentially risky grid trading techniques and operates across 5 currency pairs with a maximum of 2 concurrent trades. It incorporates an “anti-stop loss hunting mechanism” to counteract unethical broker practices like premature trade closures due to stop hunting. This EA can be utilized for prop firm challenges while allowing users to adjust settings to align with individual trading preferences.

Key Features of King Robot include:

  • Fully automated MT4 robot
  • Avoidance of grid trading strategies
  • Simple setup suitable for all traders
  • Scalping strategy with High-Frequency Trading (HFT) components
  • Suitable for prop trading
  • Verified Myfxbook results

King Robot Back Testing

While evaluating a forex robot, I prioritize the examination of tick data back tests, although these are not completely accurate due to inherent limitations. Unfortunately, the King Robot lacks available backtests for analysis, which is disappointing. Given the proficiency of the LeapFX team in backtesting, inclusion of these results on the website would be beneficial. Ideally, I’d expect backtests covering recommended currency pairs for a minimum of 5 years. For a forex robot with robust backtests, exploring the Forex Robotron EA might be worthwhile.

KING ROBOT A Review of King Robot for MT4

King Robot Results

The LeapFX team shares live, verified results of the King Robot via Myfxbook. Though the account’s operational history spans only a few months at the time of this review, the initial performance appears promising, displaying reasonable drawdown and consistent returns. Nonetheless, it’s important to recognize that results can fluctuate, and past performance doesn’t guarantee future outcomes. For the latest verified trading account performances of all forex robots, referring to the best forex robots results page is recommended.

King Robot Summary

In summary, the King Robot EA for MT4 displays potential with recent results showing promise. However, comprehensive backtests over numerous years using high-quality historical data across multiple currency pairs would provide a more thorough understanding of the expert advisor’s strategy. The LeapFX support team is responsive to inquiries, and with a 30-day money-back guarantee, testing the EA on a demo account could be a low-commitment way to assess its performance.

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