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Our Review of Quantum Trade EA MT4 V3.8

The CheaperForex.com Review: Quantum Trade EA MT4 V3.8 – A Pioneering Solution for GBPUSD Trading

Quantum Trade EA MT4 V3.8 stands as an innovative and groundbreaking forex trading robot, reshaping the approach to trading the GBPUSD currency pair. Crafted by a team of experienced traders boasting over 13 years of combined expertise, this expert advisor introduces a sophisticated breakout zone strategy tailored to harness market volatility efficiently.

Revolutionizing GBPUSD Trading with Quantum Trade EA

At the heart of Quantum Trade EA lies its groundbreaking breakout zone strategy, meticulously identifying crucial levels characterized by heightened volatility. As the price breaks out from these zones, the expert advisor initiates precision trades, enabling traders to seize lucrative opportunities with confidence at pivotal moments.

Setting it apart from conventional forex robots reliant on basic technical indicators, Quantum Trade EA employs a dynamic and adaptable strategy. By continuously monitoring price action and volatility, it dynamically identifies breakout zones across diverse time frames, enhancing adaptability and precision.

Responsible and Conservative Trading Approach

A notable distinction of Quantum Trade EA is its steadfast commitment to responsible trading practices, avoiding risky techniques like martingale, grid, or hedge order opening methods. Instead, it limits trade to one position at a time, coupled with a fixed stop loss of 100 pips to promptly cap losses if the market moves unfavorably.

Moreover, the EA employs a conservative take-profit approach using a trailing stop on higher time frames, allowing trades to run with momentum in their favor while securing gains during market retracements. This prudence fortifies its risk management strategy, ensuring steady and controlled growth.

GBPUSD Optimization and Historical Performance

Quantum Trade EA is meticulously designed to focus on trading the GBPUSD currency pair on the 1-hour timeframe. This concentrated specialization enables a comprehensive analysis of the pair’s unique characteristics. From assessing volatility patterns to identifying critical support and resistance levels, the EA capitalizes on repeatable setups with precision.

Backtest results spanning over a decade demonstrate Quantum Trade EA’s consistent performance in trading the GBPUSD pair. Real-money live results further solidify its efficacy, showcasing consistent profits with minimal drawdown. This historical performance substantiates Quantum Trade EA’s advantage in trading this specific currency pair.

Seamless MT4 Integration and Support Services

Installing Quantum Trade EA on the widely used MT4 platform is effortless, requiring minimal configuration. Default settings are tailored for brokers using the GMT +2 time zone, with daylight savings adjustments in place. Minor adjustments may be needed for compatibility with other brokers.

The platform provides continuous customer support to address any troubleshooting or queries. Detailed backtest results are shared transparently, fostering trust in Quantum Trade EA’s trading algorithm.

Backtests for Quantum Trade EA – Warning!

As you can, see the strategy tester report for this EA is quite phenomenal. We personally wouldn’t believe such a fantastic result, it’s probably cheating tests. Our advice would be to test it with a reliable tick data source and offset the data by 28 years. You can do this with Tick Data Manager.

quantum trade ea screen 1643 1 Our Review of Quantum Trade EA MT4 V3.8

Live Signal – Quite Reassuring

quantum trade ea screen 2777 1 Our Review of Quantum Trade EA MT4 V3.8

Even though the backtesting report is quite suspicious, the live signal is quite reassuring. But, it’s a demo account. So, that is a minor red flag.

Conclusion: Quantum Trade EA’s Game-Changing Approach to GBPUSD Trading

Quantum Trade EA MT4 V3.8 offers an intelligent and game-changing solution for trading the GBPUSD pair. Its adaptive breakout strategy, coupled with conservative risk management, positions it as an innovative tool for traders seeking reliable and repeatable breakout setups. With proven performance history spanning over a decade, this expert advisor presents a compelling choice for traders aiming to capitalize on the nuances of GBPUSD trading.

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Version 4.2 is Now Available For Purchase

We’ve just added version 4.2, available for download here: Quantum Trade EA 4.2

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