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Candle EA MT5: Should you spend $605? We review it.

Candle EA MT5: A Review with Cautious Optimism

Candle EA MT5 promises automated forex trading through candlestick pattern analysis. While the claims sound enticing, a closer look reveals a product that requires careful consideration before taking the plunge.

Potential Upsides:

  • Candlestick-Based Strategy: Utilizes a familiar technical analysis approach for experienced traders.
  • Low-Risk Focus: Stop-loss and profit limit settings minimize potential losses, appealing to cautious traders.
  • Multi-Pair and Timeframe Flexibility: Trades EURUSD, GBPUSD, AUDUSD, and USDCAD across M30, H1, and H4 timeframes, adapting to your preferred setup.
  • Accessibility for Beginners: Low capital requirement ($100) and FIFO compliance make it approachable for new traders.
  • Free Updates and Support: Continuous updates and responsive support ensure your investment stays relevant and address any concerns.

Red Flags and Concerns:

  • Limited Performance Data: The description lacks concrete performance metrics, like historical backtesting results or verified live trading statistics.
  • Price Increase Pressure: The rising price after every 10 purchases creates a sense of urgency, potentially influencing buying decisions over thorough research.
  • “Free Sharp EA” Offer: Unclear purpose and value of the included Sharp EA raise questions about its actual benefit.
  • Limited Performance with Other Symbols: Developer recommends sticking to specific pairs for optimal results, suggesting potential limitations.
  • Lack of Independent Reviews: No external user reviews or independent evaluations were found, making it difficult to gauge real-world experiences.
Candle EA MT5 Backtest Results for EURUSD, from 2010-2023 using 5% risk.
Candle EA MT5 Backtest Results for EURUSD, from 2010-2023 using 5% risk.

Overall Impression:

Candle EA MT5 presents a potentially interesting option for beginner and risk-averse traders seeking a candlestick-based automated approach. However, the lack of concrete performance data, dubious pricing strategy, and unanswered questions surrounding the “free” offer and compatibility with other symbols warrant significant caution.


  • Demand Performance Evidence: Request concrete backtesting results and verified live trading performance data before committing.
  • Do Your Own Research: Don’t succumb to the price increase pressure. Thoroughly research alternative EAs and independent reviews before making a decision.
  • Clarify the “Free Sharp EA” Offer: Understand the purpose and functionality of the included Sharp EA before considering it a true value proposition.
  • Start Small and Test Thoroughly: If you decide to proceed, begin with a small investment and extensively test the EA on a demo account before risking real capital.

Final Verdict:

Candle EA MT5 holds potential, but the lack of transparency and unanswered questions raise concerns. Proceed with extreme caution, prioritize comprehensive research and independent verification, and treat it as a tool to complement your existing trading strategy, not a guaranteed path to riches.

This expert advisor is not yet available on CheaperForex.com, but many others are. We hope to add it to our marketplace soon.

Remember: Before investing in any EA, prioritize due diligence, independent research, and realistic expectations. Your hard-earned capital deserves responsible management and informed decision-making.

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