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BBMAC20 Dashboard Trading System MT4 V16.6


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“A game-changer for trading enthusiasts – BBMAC20 DASHBOARD TRADING SYSTEM MT4 has revolutionized the way we see and approach the world of trading.”

Today, with the flood of trading tools available, finding the right one can be a challenging endeavor. However, one product that stands out for its uniqueness and efficiency is the BBMAC20 DASHBOARD TRADING SYSTEM MT4. Designed for those who demand precision, reliability, and versatility, this trading system ensures you never miss out on an opportunity.

The package includes:
+ Expert  (.ex4)
+ Presets
+ Scripts
+ Template
+ Video Guide

Vendor: https://t.me/bbmaindicator

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Key Features:

  • Version and Compatibility: The trading system boasts its latest FULL VERSION 1.6.6, ensuring you get the most updated and efficient tools at your fingertips.
  • Flexibility: Whether you’re a seasoned trader who prefers to have total control or someone who wants a more hands-off approach, this system has got you covered. It offers both SEMI-AUTO and FULLY AUTO modes, providing the flexibility to trade as per your style.
  • Learning and Setup: The package comes with 6 VIDEOS, a TEMPLATE, and 2 SETTINGS to make the setup a breeze and to ensure you get the most out of the system. The added 1 EXPERT EX4 and 1 SCRIPT ForceLoadCandleData further refine and optimize your trading experience.

Exclusive Features:

  • PUSH ALERT NOTIFICATIONS TO MT4: Never miss out on a golden trading opportunity. Get instant notifications straight to your MT4 platform.
  • TAKE PROFIT & STOP LOSS: Define your risk and reward. Set your desired profit levels and limit potential losses to ensure a strategic approach to trading.
  • FIBO LEVEL: Dive deeper into the market’s movements and potential retracement levels with the built-in Fibonacci indicator.
  • MULTITIMEFRAME AUTO ANALYSIS: Analyze multiple timeframes simultaneously. This feature automatically reviews and provides insights across different time horizons.
  • SUPPORT GROUP: Trading can be a lonely journey. But not anymore! Join an exclusive support group of fellow traders and experts to share insights, strategies, and grow together.
  • MANUAL TRADE & SEMI AUTO: Tailor your trading experience. Whether you like to trade manually or prefer a bit of automation, the choice is yours.

In conclusion, the BBMAC20 DASHBOARD TRADING SYSTEM MT4 is more than just a trading tool. It’s a complete ecosystem designed to elevate your trading game, backed by state-of-the-art features and a dedicated support community. Make the switch today and experience a transformative trading journey.

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