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Profitable CRAZYCTRADER EA MT4/MT5 Source Code - Full Download Package with Free Updates And Support

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Description & What's Included:

Forget robotic routines and timid trades, embrace the CRAZYCTRADER V1.1 Source Code – your secret weapon for Forex dominance. This isn’t just an Expert Advisor (EA); it’s your fuel-injected rocket ship to consistent profits, soaring above market turbulence and leaving ordinary traders in its wake.

The package includes:
+ Expert: CRAZYCTRADER (.mq4 & mq5) V1.1

+ https://youtu.be/567GnG7hl3o

Additional Benefits Included:

We Are Rated Excellent:


Unleash the Trading Maverick Within: CRAZYCTRADER V1.1 Source Code – Your Automated Profit Catalyst

Forget robotic routines and timid trades, embrace the CRAZYCTRADER V1.1 – your secret weapon for Forex dominance. This isn’t just an Expert Advisor (EA); it’s your fuel-injected rocket ship to consistent profits, soaring above market turbulence and leaving ordinary traders in its wake.


Crafted for Metatrader 4

CRAZYCTRADER isn’t afraid to get its hands dirty. Its engine roars with a proven track record of +171.63% gains over 3.5 years, a testament to its relentless pursuit of opportunity. And with a monthly average gain of 2.44%, your bank account will sing a sweet symphony of growth.

But power without control is chaos.

CRAZYCTRADER stays grounded with a robust risk management system. Customize your risk appetite with adjustable settings like maximum risk percentage, step size, and decrease factor. You captain the ship; CRAZYCTRADER is your first mate, meticulously navigating the market while keeping your capital safe.

Every trade is a calculated move. This EA analyzes the market with the cunning of a seasoned trader, using a cocktail of trend-following indicators and oscillators. It pinpoints entry and exit points with laser precision, leaving no profit opportunity on the table.

Think of this EA as your financial fortress.

Every trade is shielded by strategically placed stop-loss and take-profit orders. And for extra peace of mind, a trailing stop automatically adjusts, locking in profits as the market rallies in your favor.

Flexibility is its middle name. This versatile rocket thrives on any currency pair, even across diverse timeframes, particularly excelling on 15-minute charts and above. Choose your battleground, this EA adapts.

And the best part?

Anyone can ignite their trading journey with this EA. With a minimum recommended account balance of just $100, it’s accessible to both fledgling traders and seasoned veterans seeking a boost.

Test drive the rocket before launch. This EA works seamlessly on unlimited demo accounts, letting you refine your strategies and witness its power firsthand before going live.

CRAZYCTRADER V1.1 is more than an EA; it’s a revolution. It’s your key to:

  • Consistent Profits: Witness your bank account blossom with regular gains.
  • Calculated Risks: Trade with confidence, knowing your capital is protected.
  • Effortless Trading: Let it do the heavy lifting, 24/7.
  • Financial Freedom: Unleash your trading potential and unlock a world of possibilities.


Don’t just trade, trade crazy. Embrace CRAZYCTRADER V1.1 today and fuel your journey to financial success.

* 7-day money-back policy is only valid when you provide proof of any errors and allow us to try and fix it. If we can't fix it, we will refund you in full.

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• Prior to usage, it is advised to test the EA on a demo account and conduct your own backtests using high quality tick data.

• Profits cannot be guaranteed in the forex market, and achieving success depends on effective risk management, emotional control, and maintaining a steadfast attitude.

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Original price was: $1,000.00.Current price is: $24.99. (Save $975.01)
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