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The Powerful Hedge Scalper EA MT5


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Exclusive to CheaperForex.com is the Hedge Scalper EA MT5,  setting a new benchmark in the realm of automated forex trading. Scalping and Hedging – the dynamic duo of forex strategies, were never so seamlessly integrated. With this EA, it’s not just possible, but incredibly profitable!

This package includes:
+ Expert: Hedge Scalper EA MT5 (.ex5 version) Version 23 (1.18.23)
+ Pairs and Timeframes.txt

Vendor website: https://www.eatrades.com

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Hedge Scalper EA MT5 at CheaperForex.com

You won’t find the MT5 version anywhere else!

Setting a new benchmark in the realm of automated forex trading and earns the title of a truly “premium” expert advisor. Scalping and Hedging – the dynamic duo of forex strategies, were never so seamlessly integrated. With this EA, it’s not just possible, but supremely profitable!

Hedge Scalper EA MT5
Hedge Scalper EA MT5


Avoid Account Blowup

Did you know the number 1 reason why most forex traders end up blowing their accounts? It’s because markets are constantly changing. One day you can have a range-bound market, the next, a powerful trend. Hedge Scalper EA has a built in trend detection system, which protects your account. It works best during a calmer market, but it’s fully adaptable to when conditions become volatile. Not to mention the news filter.


Strategy Tester – GBPUSD 2020-2021

Hedge Scalper EA MT5 in the Strategy Tester - GBPUSD 2020
Hedge Scalper EA MT5 in the Strategy Tester – GBPUSD 2020

Powerful Hybrid Strategy

Hedge Scalper EA is not your ordinary forex robot. It’s an Expert Advisor for MT5 that combines the tenacity of scalping with the safety net of hedging. This combination ensures that your account is safeguarded while still making handsome profits through high-frequency, small gains.


Intelligent Correlation System

But wait! There’s more. Hedge Scalper EA doesn’t rely solely on scalping and hedging. It employs a sophisticated correlation system with different symbols running in your account. The Expert Advisor strategically bolsters weaker pairs by redistributing profits from stronger pairs. This nimble approach ensures a more balanced and resilient trading portfolio.

Advanced Filter Systems

In an ever-evolving market, you need an ally that can adapt. Hedge Scalper EA MT5 is equipped with an array of filters, including:

  • News Event Avoidance: Automatically steers clear of market turbulence due to news events.
  • Market Trend Analysis: Avoids engaging in highly trending markets where it’s risky to scalp.
  • Spread Control: Keeps an eye on broker spreads, ensuring you’re not eroded by high costs.

These filters allow Hedge Scalper EA MT5 to operate with surgical precision.


Trade Multiple Pairs

One of the standout features of the Hedge Scalper EA MT5 is its ability to efficiently trade on up to 20 pairs simultaneously. This capability is especially significant for diversifying risks and maximizing potential returns.


Low Barrier Entry

Think this kind of power is out of reach? Think again. With a minimum investment of just $1000 and leverage of 1:400 or higher, you can unleash the full potential of Hedge Scalper EA. Whether you’re a novice or a seasoned trader, this EA is built to empower everyone.


24/7 Automated Trading

The Forex market doesn’t sleep, and neither does the EA. It’s a non-stop trading powerhouse that’s fully automated. It can independently handle any market condition. However, due to its relentless nature, it is advisable to use a VPS (Virtual Private Server) to ensure uninterrupted operation.


Final Verdict

Hedge Scalper EA MT5 is an avant-garde Expert Advisor that’s revolutionizing automated forex trading. With its hybrid strategy, intelligent correlation, advanced filters, multi-pair trading, low entry barrier, and 24/7 operation, it’s not just a trading tool; it’s your route to financial triumph in the forex market. Don’t let the opportunity slip through your fingers; embrace the innovation that is this EA.

Looking for the MT4 Version?

We have the MT4 version of the Hedge Scalper EA, right here.

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