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Extremely Profitable Pips Rider EA Bot MT4


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The PIPS RIDER EA BOT represents an innovative Expert Advisor (EA) bot crafted for the MT4 platform, exclusively targeting major currency pairs alongside XAUUSD. This exceptional tool is tailored to meet the requirements of proprietary trading firms aiming to optimize their forex trading approaches.

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+ Expert: PIPS RIDER EA BOT (.ex4)

For further information and results, please visit:
+ https://www.myfxbook.com/members/gaban13/pips-rider/2312492

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The PIPS RIDER EA BOT represents an innovative Expert Advisor (EA) bot crafted for the MT4 platform, exclusively targeting major currency pairs alongside XAUUSD.


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PIPS RIDER EA BOT operates through a blend of technical analysis and intricate trading algorithms. It continuously scrutinizes price charts across various currency pairs, detecting favorable trade setups, executing trades, overseeing open positions, and automatically closing trades when necessary.

The underlying trading logic integrates multiple technical indicators pivotal in determining market direction, volatility, and momentum. These encompass indicators like RSI, Stochastic, MACD, Bollinger Bands, and Moving Averages. Upon fulfilling specific criteria, the EA initiates either long or short positions accordingly.


PIPS RIDER EA BOT employs diverse entry techniques, including:

Breakout Trading: Engaging in new positions when prices breach significant support or resistance levels.
Pullback Trading: Capitalizing on short-term retracements within the broader trend.
Trend Following: Identifying prevailing trends on higher timeframes and trading in alignment with them.


PIPS RIDER EA BOT also implements robust risk management strategies.

It employs prudent stop-loss measures and secures partial profits at predetermined targets. Advanced trailing stops are utilized to secure gains as trades progress favorably.

In essence, the primary goal of PIPS RIDER EA BOT is to seize market movements and trends swiftly while rigorously managing risk in every trade.


Live Performance Analysis

Alongside extensive backtesting, the efficacy of PIPS RIDER EA BOT has been validated through simultaneous operation across multiple live accounts, further solidifying its performance.

The vendor consistently provides updates on the live accounts, offering a transparent view of the bot’s ongoing activities. As of November 2022, PIPS RIDER EA BOT has seamlessly operated across live accounts for over 9 months, demonstrating consistent growth and maintaining minimal drawdowns.


Here are some key statistics from the live accounts:

Achieved a remarkable 530% growth in a span of 9 months on a $5,000 EUR/USD account.
Recorded an average monthly profit of 890 pips on a $10,000 USD/JPY account.
Maintained a maximum drawdown of under 20% across all pairs.

These figures serve as a testament to the potential of PIPS RIDER EA BOT in consistently generating profits in real-time market conditions. The amalgamation of both backtests and live performance bolsters traders’ confidence in the EA’s capabilities before investment.

Timeframe and Currency Pairs:

  • TimeFrame: M5 (5-minute chart)
  • Currency Pairs: All Major Pairs, including the precious metal pair XAUUSD.


Financial Performance:

  • Minimum Deposit Required: $100
  • Profitability:
    • Daily Return: 0.54%
    • Monthly Return: 254.78%
  • Risk Metrics:
    • Drawdown: 23.73%
  • Account Metrics (As of Dec 24, 2017):
    • Balance: $21,688.78
    • Equity: $21,688.78 (100%)
    • Highest Account Balance: $61,380.54 (Recorded on Apr 19)
    • Total Profit: $258,188.78
    • Interest Incurred: -$72.33
    • Deposits: $3,500.00
    • Withdrawals: $240,000.00



  1. Highly Compatible: Works seamlessly with all major currency pairs and XAUUSD, ensuring a wide range of trading opportunities.
  2. Optimized for Prop Firms: Specially designed to meet the needs and strategies of proprietary trading firms.
  3. Impressive Returns: With a monthly return of over 254%, it’s a game-changer in forex trading.
  4. Low Entry Barrier: Start trading with as little as $100.
  5. Robust Performance Metrics: Demonstrates strong potential through its balance and equity growth.


In summary

The PIPS RIDER EA BOT MT4 V1.0 transcends the typical EA classification, positioning itself as an influential and high-performing tool that elevates the landscape of forex trading. Crafted to cater to both experienced traders and proprietary firms, this bot is engineered to transform and enhance the trading journey. Its remarkable capabilities and adaptability across major pairs and XAUUSD promise a paradigm shift in how traders engage with the forex market. Prepare to embark on an empowered and innovative journey through forex trading with the PIPS RIDER EA BOT.

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