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Quantum FX EA MT4 Unlimited


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Forget plodding along in the financial slow lane – Quantum FX EA propels you into the warp drive of profitable trading, with only 11% drawdown and gains of 0.5% per day.

The package includes:
+ Expert: Quantum FX EA (.ex4)
+ Presets
+ News Indicator

Vendor website: https://quantumfx.com.br/

Live Signal: https://www.myfxbook.com/members/diogoalmeida/

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Quantum FX EA: Your Quantum Leap to Trading Mastery




Forget plodding along in the financial slow lane – Quantum FX EA propels you into the warp drive of profitable trading. This isn’t just another robotic pilot; it’s your trusted captain at the helm, navigating the market’s turbulent waters with the unwavering precision of a quantum supercomputer.

Imagine this:

  • Exploiting lucrative reversals: Quantum FX spotlights high-potential reversal patterns with laser focus, unlocking opportunities with short stop losses and extended profit targets. This strategic approach minimizes risk while maximizing reward, putting you on the winning side of the trade more often.
  • Consistent, predictable returns: Ditch the rollercoaster ride of inconsistent profits. Quantum FX boasts a remarkable track record dating back to 2019, without a single losing month. That’s years of proven performance, a testament to its robust trading strategies and meticulous risk management.
  • A fortress against market mayhem: Forget the fear of margin calls and devastating losses. Quantum FX employs strict risk management protocols, including a maximum 5% loss lock, guarding your capital like a vigilant sentinel. So, you can trade with confidence, knowing your downside is always controlled.
  • A symphony of intelligence: Quantum FX isn’t a one-trick pony. It utilizes a powerful symphony of analysis methods:
    • Macro-events analysis: Anticipate the market’s response to major economic and political news, staying ahead of the curve.
    • Real-time news monitoring: React instantly to breaking news headlines, turning volatility into your advantage.
    • Technical analysis: Identify chart patterns and market trends with surgical precision, confirming high-probability trading opportunities.
    • Monte Carlo simulation: Run countless scenarios to optimize your trading strategies and mitigate potential risks before hitting the live market.
  • Five winning strategies in one: Quantum FX isn’t content with just one approach. It dynamically optimizes five distinct trading strategies simultaneously:
    • High Frequency Trading: Capitalize on fleeting market movements for quick, consistent profits.
    • Ultra Trend: Ride the powerful waves of long-term market trends, maximizing capital appreciation.
    • Trend Reversal: Identify and profit from market turning points, capitalizing on shifts in momentum.
    • Reverse Trading Volume: Exploit anomalies in trading volume to uncover hidden market opportunities.
    • Price Action: Master the language of price movements, reading the market’s intentions with crystal clarity.


QUANTUM FX EA - Backtest
QUANTUM FX EA – Backtest


Quantum FX EA isn’t just a robot, it’s a revolution. It’s your quantum leap to trading mastery, offering:

  • Unmatched profitability: Consistent, predictable returns over the long term.
  • Reduced risk: Strict risk management protects your capital from unexpected market swings.
  • Superior analysis: A cutting-edge blend of diverse analytical methods ensures informed trading decisions.
  • Automated peace of mind: Trade with confidence and focus on your life, while Quantum FX diligently executes your strategies.


QUANTUM FX EA - Live Signal
QUANTUM FX EA – Live Signal


Don’t just trade, trade smarter. Embrace the future of automated trading with Quantum FX EA and unlock your true trading potential.

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