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The Excellent SRF Pro EA 23 MT4 Unlimited


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The SRF Pro EA 23 MT4, a meticulously designed automated trading system crafted to accommodate both experienced and beginner traders. In an ever-changing global forex market, the SRF Pro asserts itself as an unrivaled presence in the realm of automated forex trading.

The package includes:
+ Expert: SRF Pro EA 23 MT4 fix (.ex4) V0.2

+ https://forex-advice.net/products/srf-pro-ea?variant=43961657065719

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Introducing the SRF Pro EA 23 MT4, a meticulously crafted automated trading system tailored for both seasoned and novice traders.

As the global forex landscape evolves, SRF Pro stands as an unparalleled force in the world of automated forex trading.



SRF Pro EA 23 Specifications:

Trading Platform : MT4
Time Frame : M5, M15, M30 , H1 and H4
Minimum Balance : $ 1000
Maximum Balance :  $ 2M
Minimum Leverage : 1/30
Drawdown : -3% (Prop)


SRF Pro EA 23
SRF Pro EA 23


Insightful Overview

Resurfacing after a six-month hiatus, the SRF Pro EA 23 MT4 boasts an unparalleled array of features that meticulously address every facet of the forex currency trading system. Engineered to facilitate seamless and strategic trade executions, it seamlessly aligns with contemporary currency trading methodologies.

Whether you’re navigating through an FTMO challenge or seeking a dependable trading system compatible with MT4, this tool is uniquely engineered to assist both personal accounts and prop setups, showcasing an innate adaptability across diverse trading landscapes.


Highlighted Features:

Platform Versatility: Compatible with both MT4 and MT5 platforms.
Timeframe Integration: Flexibly adapts to M5, M15, M30, H1, and H4 timeframes.
Currency Pair Versatility: Fine-tuned to encompass a wide spectrum, including XAUUSD, EURUSD, among others.
Risk Management: Emphasizes prudent trading with a maximum -3% drawdown (Prop).


Additional Specifications:

Holistic Money Management: Strategies to safeguard and grow invested capital.
News Filter: Averts market volatility disturbances.
Enhanced Security Measures: Incorporates equity stops, daily profit targets, security profits, and more.
Operational Continuity: Operates 24/7, seizing advantageous market moments.
Strategy Approach: Adopts a trend-following methodology while steering clear of scalping or martingale strategies.


SRF PRO EA 23 – FTMO Challenge

SRF PRO EA 23 MT4 - FTMO Challenge Passed
SRF PRO EA 23 – FTMO Challenge Passed


CheaperForex.com Conclusion

For those seeking an optimal forex trading experience, this tool presents a forward-thinking approach to forex auto trading. To ensure peak performance, it’s advisable to maintain the EA’s uninterrupted online presence through a VPS or consistently connected PC.

Moreover, within the realm of automated trading systems, the SRF Pro EA 23 MT4 represents innovation, granting traders access to the pinnacle of forex trading methods.

The SRF Pro EA 23 MT4 transcends being a mere automated trading system; it heralds a revolution, striving to reshape and redefine your forex trading odyssey. Come, join us in this exhilarating venture and elevate your trading expertise. Welcome to the forefront of forex trading.

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