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The Ultra Reliable Waka Waka v4.37 MT4


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The Waka Waka EA represents a sophisticated grid system that boasts a proven track record of success on real trading accounts spanning over six years. Unlike many grid-based strategies that operate on chance, this expert advisor distinguishes itself by leveraging genuine market mechanics to secure profits consistently.

With its live track record demonstrating stable trading and minimal drawdown over the years, Waka Waka EA emerges as a reliable and trustworthy option for traders seeking a robust trading system built on solid foundations.

The package includes:
+ Expert: Waka Waka (.ex4) (Version: 4.37 – No DLL) Works on all MT4 builds. Last tested up to 1408.



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Waka Waka EA: Unleash Market Inefficiencies for Consistent Profits

Tired of unreliable “hit-and-miss” grid systems? Introducing Waka Waka, the advanced Expert Advisor (EA) crafted to exploit existing market inefficiencies and deliver stable, low-drawdown trading for over 6 years on real accounts.

Waka Waka MT4
Waka Waka MT4

Waka Waka is not your average grid system.

While others rely on historical data, Waka leverages real-time market mechanics, empowering you to:

  • Capitalize on hidden opportunities: Utilize sophisticated algorithms to uncover profitable areas often missed by traditional methods.
  • Maintain low drawdown: Experience smoother performance with a focus on risk management and controlled grid expansion.
  • Enjoy consistent results: Track a proven live track record boasting steady profits over an extended period.


Waka Waka MT4 Live Signal
Waka Waka MT4 Live Signal


Simplicity Meets Power:

  • One-chart setup: Manage all supported currency pairs (AUDCAD, AUDNZD, NZDCAD) from a single M15 chart, streamlining your trading experience.
  • User-friendly interface: Easily configure settings with clear instructions and minimal adjustments needed.
  • No GMT adjustment: Trade comfortably without factoring in time zone differences.


Waka Waka MT4 Backtest
Waka Waka MT4 Backtest


Unleash the Full Potential:

  • Dynamic lot sizing: Choose from various risk-adjusted options, including fixed lots, balance/equity-based allocations, and deposit load calculations.
  • Advanced filtering: Filter out low-potential trades using Bollinger Bands and RSI indicators.
  • Customizable take-profit and stop-loss: Define profit targets and risk parameters for initial and grid trades.
  • Smart trade distance: Automatically adjust grid spacing based on market volatility, optimizing trade placement.
  • Comprehensive settings: Fine-tune the EA’s behavior with detailed grid control options, holiday trading filters, and more.


Waka Waka is more than an EA; it’s a partner in your trading journey.

With its reliable performance, intuitive design, and powerful features, it provides a solid foundation for achieving consistent profits, no matter your skill level.

Ready to experience the difference?

  • Download and install it on your M15 chart.
  • Follow the simple setup instructions and configure settings based on your risk tolerance.
  • Sit back and watch it work its magic, automatically capitalizing on market inefficiencies and building your trading capital.


Waka Waka MT4 - 50 Months+ of Consecutive Profits
Waka Waka MT4 – 50 Months+ of Consecutive Profits


Embrace the future of grid trading

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