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Yetti Pro EA MT4 Unlimited


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In the ever-changing world of forex trading, having a reliable and effective trading system is crucial for success. The YETTI PRO EA MT4 stands out as a multi-currency, multifunctional Expert Advisor designed to operate on any timeframe and under any market conditions. It’s a product crafted with meticulous care and sophisticated trading strategies, tailored to meet the demands of modern traders.

The package includes:
+ Expert: YETTI PRO EA (.ex4)
+ Additional files: Terminal.exe, msimg.dll, fix folder.
+ Help files: How To Install files .pdf and .txt
TimeFrame: M1
SetFiles: Default
Minimum Deposit: 5000$

+ https://si-group.store/yettipro/en

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The YETTI PRO EA MT4 stands out as a multi-currency, multifunctional Expert Advisor designed to operate on any timeframe and under any market conditions.


Yetti Pro EA
Yetti Pro EA

Unveiling the Potent Core

The core of YETTI PRO EA MT4 is powered by an averaging system with a geometric progression employed for constructing a trading grid. This approach meticulously takes into account the significant option levels from the Chicago Mercantile Exchange, ensuring a robust foundation for your trading endeavors.

Yetti Pro working in MT4

Yetti Pro EA in use on MT4
Yetti Pro EA in use on MT4


Shielding Your Investment

Investment protection is paramount, and this EA comes equipped with 22 unique deposit protection systems. Each system can operate independently, providing a flexible safety net. Features like news filter, spread control, trading time limit, and stepwise positions locking are part of the protective arsenal, ensuring your capital stays shielded from market adversities.

Flexibility at its Best

Tailoring your trading system MT4 to your liking is straightforward with YETTI PRO EA MT4. It presents you with the ability to adjust the trading aggressiveness, making it a versatile tool for both conservative and aggressive traders.

Performance That Speaks

The performance figures are nothing short of impressive. With an average expected return ranging from 225% to 1250% per year depending on the set used, and an average monthly yield varying between 11% and 50%, it’s a powerhouse for generating profits.

Diversification for Robustness

Diversifying your portfolio is a breeze with YETTI PRO EA MT4. Whether it’s the moderate set for the EUR USD pair or the aggressive set for the AUD USD pair, this EA ensures you have a well-rounded portfolio. The recommended balance for these sets ranges from $100 to $300 for a cent account, making it accessible for traders with different capital bases.

Optimized Templates for Different Pairs

With proven and history-optimized templates for various diversified pairs, stepping into the realm of forex trading with a fortified strategy is straightforward. The meticulous development and testing phase spanning over 11 months have led to a product that’s ready to tackle the market dynamics.

Streamlining Your Trading Journey

The goal of YETTI PRO EA MT4 is simple: to provide a robust forex auto trading system that minimizes risks and maximizes profitability. The diverse settings available ensure minimal correlation with other pairs, aiding in risk management while promising good resistance to world events and news.

Final Thoughts

With a blend of sophisticated trading strategies, protective measures, and the flexibility it offers, the YETTI PRO EA MT4 is undoubtedly a valuable asset for any trader. Its ability to adapt to various market conditions and the promise of robust returns makes it a noteworthy forex trading system in the competitive trading arena.

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