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Gorilla EA V6 Monster MT4

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Gorilla EA is a powerful forex trading robot developed by a team of experienced traders and programmers. It uses advanced algorithmic trading technology to analyze price action and market conditions. The EA is compatible with the popular trading platforms and works on all currency pairs and timeframes.


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Gorilla EA is a powerful forex trading robot developed by a team of experienced traders and programmers. It uses advanced algorithmic trading technology to analyze price action and market conditions. The EA is compatible with the popular trading platforms and works on all currency pairs and timeframes.

Some key features of Gorilla EA include:

  • Advanced algorithmic trading technology: Gorilla EA uses complex mathematical models and neural networks to analyze price action and market conditions. This allows it to make more accurate and profitable trading decisions.
  • Multiple trading strategies: Gorilla EA combines scalping, trend following, and mean reversion techniques for robust performance. This means that it can be profitable in a variety of market conditions.
  • Flexible position sizing: Gorilla EA automatically calculates optimal trade sizes based on account balance and risk parameters. This helps to protect your account from losses.
  • Stealth mode trading: Gorilla EA executes trades with minimal market impact to avoid premature order triggers. This can help to improve your trading results.
  • Detailed backtesting data: Gorilla EA provides extensive backtesting reports to validate strategy performance. This allows you to see how the EA has performed in the past and make informed trading decisions.
  • Regular updates: The development team frequently upgrades the EA with new features and improvements. This helps to ensure that the EA remains profitable and up-to-date.

Gorilla EA uses a combination of strategies centered around key support and resistance levels. The EA incorporates scalping tactics with small profit targets during range-bound price action. When a trend emerges, the EA will ride the trend using adaptive stop losses and take profit levels.

The newest Version 6 has added machine learning capabilities to enhance trade entries and exits. The neural networks detect patterns and analyze current market conditions to determine high-probability setups. This provides an edge compared to traditional technical indicators alone.

Gorilla EA implements advanced money management to maximize profits while limiting risk. Trades are executed with precision using calculated position sizing, stop losses, and take profits. The risk management ensures capital preservation, especially during volatile market moves.

The EA was designed to be easy to use for beginner and experienced traders alike. The input settings allow customization of trading behavior, but default parameters are optimized for out-of-the-box profitability. Gorilla EA can run fully automated with minimal input or oversight.

Extensive backtesting across various time periods and currency pairs demonstrates Gorilla EA’s consistency and profitability. Here are some key backtest metrics:

  • Total net profit over 5 years: $23,458
  • Average monthly return: 11.2%
  • Largest winning trade: $1,122
  • Largest losing trade: -$412
  • Percent profitable trades: 68%
  • Max drawdown: $1,981 (8.4%)

These stellar backtest results illustrate the EA’s ability to generate steady profits over long periods. The mix of small wins and occasional large wins creates smooth equity curves. The drawdowns remain very reasonable due to tight risk management.

Live trading results closely match the backtests. Actual trading accounts using Gorilla EA have achieved 10-15% monthly returns. This proven consistency in live trading is a testament to the EA’s viability.

Gorilla EA is a powerful and profitable forex trading robot that can be used by beginners and experienced traders alike. Its advanced features and consistent results make it a great option for those who are looking to automate their trading and generate steady profits.

Advantages of Using Gorilla EA V6 Monster

Gorilla EA offers a range of benefits for forex traders, including:

  • Fully automated trading:** Once set up, Gorilla EA automatically executes trades based on its strategies, eliminating the need for manual intervention and enabling passive income generation.
  • Emotionless trading:** Gorilla EA makes trading decisions objectively based on its algorithms, free from human biases and emotions that can lead to inconsistent results.
  • Market adaptability:** Gorilla EA operates effectively in both ranging and trending markets, with adaptive algorithms that optimize performance across various market conditions.
  • Customization:** Gorilla EA’s behavior can be tailored to individual preferences through multiple input settings, allowing traders to modify risk tolerance, trade frequency, profit targets, and other parameters.
  • Effective risk management:** Gorilla EA employs prudent position sizing, stop losses, and take profits to minimize potential losses and protect capital, preventing account blowups.
  • Continuous improvement:** The development team behind Gorilla EA is dedicated to ongoing refinement, providing users with regular updates and enhancements to ensure the EA remains cutting-edge and effective.

Overall, Gorilla EA offers a compelling combination of automation, emotional detachment, adaptability, customization, risk management, and continuous improvement, making it an attractive option for forex traders seeking a powerful and reliable trading solution.


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